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The compact, self-standing Portable Containments / Duck Pond (mobile equipment containment) is the answer when quick containment is needed. Duck Ponds are design to fold, store in small spaces and quickly deploy for planned spill containment or emergency drips. They are built small enough to fit under a truck seat and is a great size for small drums, batteries, compressors etc. Duck Ponds are a quick and affordable solution for a variety of short-term containment tasks.

We do custom sizes. Our molds are normally simple and low cost so we should be able to fit what ever size you need - from a gollon size to ball field or bigger. just let us know.

10 Year Warranty - Warranty covers anything except: fire, explosions, or driving over the containment walls.

Our containments have the Made In Alaska permit, we are the manufacture of them.

We can build to any size and any weight , even installing handles to tight them down during high winds.


. Any Size Containment for any liquid - yes we build tank farm and equipment containments. Equipment Spill Containment - custom size, Alaskan made, custom spill containment building High Wind custom containment, weights 12 pounds at 21 x 20 x 2 deep. 6 lbs, 240 mils - Duck Pond - Outside Sprayed With Handle jquery lightbox for textby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

Hull Protection Coating update for 2013, We had 90% of our coating survive the winter ice of 2013. No other coating has come close. The details and pictures will not be shared - we are holding all date as proprietary since we are the only ones to ever have this much success protecting boat hulls from the Silt Filled Ice of Cook Inlet - it's like a grinder out there. There are all kinds of unknowns in this process and there for will not warranty. We will guarantee that we will work hard to protect your hull.

This is a long learning process because we have to apply coating one year and wait till next years haul to evaluate the results. Every hull is different and each winter the ice is different.

No Injuries / No Accidents!

We install the best product, do it with professional skill and integrity - that is our mode of operation.

Ace Dragon has coated tank linings in Alaska , from the North Slope to the offshore rigs in Cook Inlet.


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