Soil & Seawall Stabilization •  Foundation Repair • Concrete Leveling • Spray Foam Insulation

Foundation Repair • Concrete Leveling • Spray Foam Insulation • Epxoy Floors
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Concrete & Steel Refurbishment

Concrete Surface Repair and Complete Protection

Concrete structures that experience concrete abrasion often need strengthening to protect the surface. All types of concrete structures have the need for more durable, harder, and less permeable concrete surfaces to be in place. Whether your surface deteriorates by impact and abrasion due to heavy traffic, chemical spills, environmental impact, or anything else, we have the complete concrete surface repair agent for your structure’s protection.

Concrete Surface: Repair, Protect, & Restore

Surtreat’s concrete surface repair solutions are chemically reactive and a permanent solution existing entirely within the concrete microstructure that cannot be peeled or scratched off. Water-repellent components are added to SurCoShield solutions depending on project requirements.

SurCoShield is a surface protective agent and corrosion inhibitor that penetrates into the concrete surface. All of the benefits of this application are internal to substrates and encompass the protection of architectural components such as brick, block, mortar, and stone.

SurCoShield keeps concrete surfaces clean by preventing the organic growth dust and pollutants from attaching. This results in concrete life-span longevity and reduced project costs.

Proven to Repair Concrete Surfaces

Our solutions are proven to penetrate concrete surfaces to restore and enhance cement phase properties for durability and hardness, as well as abrasion and impact resistance.

• Parking Structures
• Airports
• Bridges
• Commercial Real Estate
• Marine and Ocean Front
• Utilities
• Manufacturing
• Chemical Oil and Gas

• Food Processing
• Transportation
• Storage and Distribution
• Mining
• Historical Monuments
• Military Facilities
• And Many Others

Superior Corrosion Protection for Steel

The world is made out of bad concrete and rusty steel, and corrosion is the primary cause of deterioration of our infrastructure,” says Bob Walde, vice president of technology for Surtreat Holding LLC. The problem, he says, is that engineers tend to try to stop corrosion by physical means that address the symptoms but not the underlying causes. “Corrosion is an electrochemical process, and it can be inhibited by changing the chemical environment around the steel.”

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