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Soil & Seawall Stabilization

Leaking Seawalls: Soil Loss Prevention and Remediation

Seawall Repair Network® is the only national network of certified contractors in the repair, preservation, and protection of Seawalls waterfront barriers. Its proprietary methods and materials are environmentally friendly and safe for use in all marine environments and provide a non-destructive solution for seawall repair at 80% less than the cost of replacement.

The Problem

As tidal flows rise and fall, water pushes its way in through cracks, joints, and defects in seawalls. The water pushes in on incoming tides and flows out on outgoing tides. As the water flows out, it carries sand and soil with it which causes undermining of the structure, voids to form, and deteriorates the structural integrity of the seawall. This cycle is exacerbated during periods of heavy rain which continue the outflow of soil.

The Solution

Polyurethane Resin
Polyurethane seawall repair, what we like to call the “Next Generation” approach, has a lot of advantages over both excavation and cement grout. These advantages directly address some of the weaknesses inherent in the other options. Polyurethane seawall repair material is…

• Efficiently installed, with minimal disruption from equipment, labor and messy materials
• Rapidly installed, with a quick return-to-use time
• Environmentally friendly

Compared to the typical disruption caused by excavation or cement grout repair, a polyurethane repair team will seem like a stealthy ninja strike force. Polyurethane installation equipment and procedures allow for a non-invasive, clean approach to repair that often allows the property owner to continue use during the process. In all cases, the property owner can resume activity on and around the structure within hours after a repair. As explained in their blog post Alchemy-Spetec’s NSF Certification Spells Environmental Protection, most of our products have been rigorously tested not only for contact with typical recreational and commercial bodies of water, but even for contact with drinking water. So there is NO doubt about the environmentally friendly advantages of Alchemy-Spetec seawall repair materials.

Heading Level 6
Our Grout Injection will Build a Seawall out the Soil needing Erosion Protection

Jet Filter Systems: Providing Maintainable Weep Hole Filters

Jet Filter Systems

Why are maintainable weep hole filters important?

Maintainable Weep Hole Filters by JET Filter System provide drainage and soil filtration. Installed through the front of any new or existing retaining wall, Maintainable Weep Hole Filters help prevent failure as they reduce water pressure and prevent soil loss. Most importantly, Maintainable Weep Hole Filters are always easily maintained, they can extend the life of your valuable investment.

Weep Hole Filters can be installed on seawalls, bulkheads, bridge abutments, wing walls, stormwater channels, box culverts, dam spillways and even underground parking garages. They are the perfect solution for concrete walls, all types of sheet pile (steel, vinyl, aluminum, composite, etc), MSE walls and even wooden walls.

Bridge Infastructures
Bridge Infastructure

Ideal for dewatering bridge abutments, wing walls, box culverts and retaining walls

Sheet Piling
Sheet Piling

ideal for dewatering all types of sheet pile walls including steel, vinyl, aluminum & composite

Concrete Seawalls
Concrete Seawalls

Extend the life of your concrete seawalls & bulkheads. Protect marinas, harbors, & canals

Retaining Walls
Retaining Walls

JET Filter's relieve pressure from retaining walls including MSE & Block Walls

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