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DCP Testing

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Testing

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer ( DCP ) testing is a valuable tool for identifying weak spots in embankments, measuring uniformity of material and location boundaries of subcuts. The DCP can also be used to delineate between layers of frozen and unfrozen soils.

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Methods have been developed for its use in testing the compaction of roadway base layers. An attractive alternative to sand cone density testing, the DCP test is easier to perform and results are available much more quickly.

In areas where additional subcutting is required, the DCP can be used to locate boundaries of soft soils. Several tests can be run in a short time to identify the location where subgrade soils make the transition from unacceptable to acceptable.

The DCP can be used to delineate between layers of frozen and unfrozen soils. The DCP can be helpful when assessing whether a foundation or roadway subcut can be excavated.

DCP has been used to evaluate the embankment density on a bridge and to map out weak spots and highlight compacted material.

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