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Beautiful, Durable and Low Maintenance

Epoxy floors are possibly the most versatile floor systems in the industry. Ideal for residential and commercial, epoxy surfaces can easily become the focal point in your spaces. These floors are stunning in appearance yet are very durable and long lasting. Combined with their ease of maintenance and overall functionality, it is easy to see why Epoxy Floors are so popular.

Epoxy is widely used to beautify concrete but also can be applied to Tile, Metal, Even Wood.


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Metallic Epoxy Floors when properly applied can create stunning surfaces that can last many years. Some floors are known to last up to 30 years or more.


As mentioned above some epoxy floors are known to be 30 years old and still beautiful. But assuring the floor substrate is properly prepared and treated prior to application is extremely important to the success and longevity of your floor. It is extremely important to have your floor installed by a trained professional epoxy flooring applicator.


Although many factors can affect the overall success of your floor coating, when applied properly you can many years of service out of your epoxy floor. Many in the industry have dubbed Epoxy Floors the “Lifetime Floors”.


Epoxy floors are very easy to clean and are impermeable to liquids preventing mold and bacteria growth. Along with being easy to clean, epoxy floors are very stain and chemical resistant. A urethane top coat can be applied to drastically increase the durability of an epoxy floor system.

Ace Dragon Coatings and Foam Inc. employees have been trained in many various flooring methods and know how to ensure the overall success, functionality and beauty of your new metallic epoxy floor. Your family, visitors, or customers will be amazed by the one-of-a-kind beauty of your new floor for years.

Products, Systems and Applications include:

Custom Seamless Commercial & Residential Concrete Flooring:

• Retail Stores
• Hospitality: Hotels – Exhibition Halls
• Educational: Schools – Universities
• Medical: Offices – Hospitals – Clean Rooms
• Office Buildings
• Hotels & Casino’s
• Expansive Shopping Malls
• Automobile Dealerships Showrooms
• Restaurants: Dining Areas – Kitchens

High Performance, Abrasion & Chemical Resistant Industrial Concrete Flooring:

• Manufacturing facilities
• Warehouses & Storage
• Professional & Collegiate Sports Arenas
• Aircraft Hangars
• Service Bays
• Clean Rooms
• Food Service & Storage Areas
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Cold Storage Areas
• Chemical Containment Areas
• Parking Decks
• Grocery Store Chains
• Fire Departments
• Correctional Facilities
• Medical/Veterinarian
• Municipal buildings
• Parking Garages

Decorative Concrete Finishes & Concrete Surface Restoration:

• Interior or Exterior
• Driveways
• Patios
• Pool Decks
• Porticos
• Sidewalks
• Courtyards
• Parking Garages
• Professional Sport Arenas
• Crosswalks
• Golf Course Paths

Specialty Products and Services:

• Pipe coatings and aggregate binders
• Sewer coatings and linings
• Electrical conductor casting resins
• Oil tolerant primers
• OEM specialty resin/epoxies for a multitude of applications
• Asphalt patching, repair mortars and protective surface coatings

No Injuries / No Accidents!

We install the best product, do it with professional skill and integrity - that is our mode of operation.

Ace Dragon has coated tank linings in Alaska , from the North Slope to the offshore rigs in Cook Inlet.


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