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Concrete Leveling

Slab Jacking / Seawall & Bulkhead & Soil Stabilization

Lift Sunken Concrete, Sidewalks, and Driveways

Our slab-jacking service is completed by injecting a plural component high density water impermeable foam through injection ports going under the concrete filling all voids until the foam raises the concrete or other substrate to its original height.

We use only the best foam components available on the market today which is environmentally safe and displaces water while stabilizing the soil in the process.

Slab-jacking or concrete lifting has been done for years through a similar process called mud-jacking where instead of foam a contractor injects concrete under the slab and the gases create pressure which then raises the concrete. Foam is far less intrusive to your existing slab since it can be injected through smaller ports. The slab or other substrate can be put back into surface almost immediately.

Benefits of using Ace Dragon Coatings and Foam, Inc.

• Trained by industry leaders
• Experience
• Free Quotes
• Best available foam components are used

• Fast Reliable Service
• Only the best equipment used to create a superior product
• Raising your concrete with foam will allow you to put your slab back into service almost immediately.

If you have a free-floating concrete slab that has sunk, we can lift it to its original height eliminating dangerous trip hazards and unsightly uneven slabs and sidewalks.

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