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The root problem with Foundations sinking during and after earthquakes is the ground liquefies and is not strong enough to support the building any more. Deep Foam Injection will make that ground stronger than it was before, at lease twice as strong.

Geotechnical Engineers have agreed with the above statements and are signing off on this process - this is required for a new buyer to get financing if you were ever to sell your home. We will raise your building, it may never be perfect, but we will use mechanical jacks if required after the Deep Foam Injection to raise the building.

We are the only company in the south of Alaska to have 20 years experience performing Deep Foam Injection. We will install Helical & Push Pilings if desired.

Our Building Foundation Customers in the Anchorage Permit area will receive a letter from Geotechnical Engineering Company documenting our Deep Foam Injection and Home Foundation RE-Leveling Process was performed correctly and Stabilized the Soils supporting their home. This letter comes after they inspect three different times during our work. This Letter should go a long way in Returning your home to Market Value.


Solving The Root Problem of Sunken Concrete Structures

What is Deep Foam Injection?
Deep foam injection is a way of treating the soil at a construction site to ensure the earth is as strong and stable as it needs to be for whatever project is being raised on the site.

For many years contractors have been treating the soil with a polyurethane foam to help bind soil together and increase compaction, resulting in soil that has greater weight bearing ability. Deep Foamjection creates man-made root systems with foam, much like a tree does in nature.

How does Deep Foam Injection work?
A polyurethane liquid is saturated into the soil, and as it expands into a foam, it fills in all of the air and water pockets that existed in the earth it spreads through. By filling in those gaps the soil becomes firmer and stronger down to whatever depth the foam is injected. This method can lift structures that are already in place that have sunken due to weaknesses in the soil.


Lift Sunken Concrete, Sidewalks, and Driveways

Our slab-jacking service is completed by injecting a plural component high density water impermeable foam through injection ports going under the concrete filling all voids until the foam raises the concrete or other substrate to its original height.

We use only the best foam components available on the market today which is environmentally safe and displaces water while stabilizing the soil in the process.

Slab-jacking or concrete lifting has been done for years through a similar process called mud-jacking where instead of foam a contractor injects concrete under the slab and the gases create pressure which then raises the concrete. Foam is far less intrusive to your existing slab since it can be injected through smaller ports. The slab or other substrate can be put back into surface almost immediately.


We install the best product, do it with professional skill and integrity - that is our mode of operation.

Ace Dragon has coated tank linings in Alaska , from the North Slope to the offshore rigs in Cook Inlet.


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