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What is the difference between Deep Foamjection & Polyurethane Concrete Lifting?

It's all in the depth of the injection. What you raise is only as good as the soil underneath it. With deep foamjection equipment and material, we're able to solve that problem as well, regardless of how old the concrete is or the depth of the unstable substratum.

Our team has 20 years experience as of 2019 with Deep Foam Injection and one team member worked to repair from the 2001 Seattle Earthquake.

Solving The Root Problem of Sunken Concrete Structures

What is Deep Foam Injection?
Deep foam injection is a way of treating the soil at a construction site to ensure the earth is as strong and stable as it needs to be for whatever project is being raised on the site.

For many years contractors have been treating the soil with a polyurethane foam to help bind soil together and increase compaction, resulting in soil that has greater weight bearing ability. Deep Foamjection creates man-made root systems with foam, much like a tree does in nature.

How does Deep Foam Injection work?
A polyurethane liquid is saturated into the soil, and as it expands into a foam, it fills in all of the air and water pockets that existed in the earth it spreads through. By filling in those gaps the soil becomes firmer and stronger down to whatever depth the foam is injected. This method can lift structures that are already in place that have sunken due to weaknesses in the soil.

Solving The Root Problem of Sunken Concrete Structures

• An upgrade to sub-surface concrete lifting
• Repair unstable soils
• Installing a stronger foundation to support slabs and structures that settled
• Foam follows the path of least resistance and will fill weak areas
• Fills fishers and ground voids
• Fills voids holding water & displaces collected water
• Increase load bearing capacity of subgrade
• Permanent repair, foam never changes shape or
• Absorbs ground water
• Foam soaks into the weak soils and then expands, binding the soil and making it solid
• Does not leach chemicals into the ground


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Ace Dragon has coated tank linings in Alaska , from the North Slope to the offshore rigs in Cook Inlet.


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